Council Meeting Minutes

If you are unable to attend a Borough Council meeting but would like to stay informed on the issues and events affecting our community, you can click on any of the links listed below to view the minutes from those meetings.


2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 18.5.1

Minutes of 18.4.3

Minutes of 18.3.6

Minutes of 18.2.6

Minutes of 18.1.2

2017 Meeting Minutes


Minutes of 17.2.07

Minutes of 17.3.07

Minutes of 17.4.04

Minutes of 17.5.02

Minutes of 17.6.06

Minutes of 17.7.11

Minutes of 17.8.1

Minutes of 17.9.5

Minutes of 17.10.3

Minutes of 17.11.7

Minutes of 17.12.5

2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 16.01.04

Minutes of 16.02.02

Minutes of 16.03.01

Minutes of 16.04.05

Minutes of 16.05.03

Minutes of 16.06.07

Minutes of 16.07.05









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