Girl Scouts Flower Planting in Jonestown 2023

Memorial Day Parade 2022

Craft-n-Play * Macaroni Day *

Craft-n-Play *Under the Sea*

*National Ice Cream Day*

Craft-n-Play *Monkey Day*

Craft-n-Play *Christmas in August*

Craft-n-Play *Beach Day*

Craft-n-Play *Dairy Day*

Craft-n-Play *Summer Bash*

Full Moon Festival 2022

Halloween Kids Dance 2022

Project Snowflakes 2022

Christmas Tree Lighting 2022

Sapling Planting in Jonestown Park 2021

Project Snowflakes 2021

Christmas Tree Lighting 2021

Project Snowflakes 2020

Christmas Tree Lighting 2020

Christmas Tree Lighting 2019

Christmas Tree 2018

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