Green Waste Yard

Green Waste Yard located at 295 South Mill Street.

Just Announced:

Jonestown Borough Council voted to open their Greenwaste Recycling Facility to 50 additional residents who reside outside the Borough on a first come, first serve basis. To qualify for a permit, residents must reside in either Swatara or Union Townships. Permits are for residential use only; businesses or business use (landscapers) do not qualify. Non-Borough Resident permit fees are $50.00 a year with an additional (one-time) fee of $5.00 for the access card. All other Greenwaste rules apply. Acceptable payments are by cash or check only. For more information or to apply for a permit call the Borough office (717) 861-5414

Jonestown Borough has installed a fence and gate system to out greenwaste years, located at 295 South Mill Street. The greenwaste yard is available to Jonestown Borough residents and Borough businesses by a membership card. Cost for the yearly membership is $35.00 plus an initial (one time) $5.00 fee for the access card. Access cards can be purchased at the Jonestown Borough office at 295 South Mill Street, acceptable payments are by cash or check only. If you buy a card right now, it will give you access until the end of 2023.

Borough Office hours are Monday – Friday 8 AM – 3 PM

*Please see Rules and Regulations below*

Green Waste Rules and Regulations

Green Waste Yard Operating Hours:
Monday 7am – 8pm
Tuesday 7am – 8pm
Wednesday 7am – 8pm
Thursday 7am – 8pm
Friday 7am – 8pm
Saturday 7am – 8pm
Sunday 7am – 8pm