Northern Lebanon Fire and Emergency Services (NLFES)

Northern Lebanon Fire and Emergency Services (NLFES) was established in 2015 when Lickdale Community Fire Company and Greenpoint Fire Company merged in an effort to improve services and reduce costs. Two years later, in 2017, our own Perseverance Fire Company and Ono Fire Company joined NLFES.

Greenpoint Fire Company
75 Moonshine Rd
Jonestown, PA 17038
(717) 865-3643

Lickdale Community Fire Company
3017 State Route 72
Jonestown, PA 17038
(717) 865-5844

Ono Fire Company
10805 Jonestown Rd
Ono, PA 17077

Social Hall rentals. 717-865-5994
Dinners & fundraisers: 717-865-3099
Fire Company:  717-865-3346

Perseverance Fire Company
107 S King St
Jonestown, PA 17038
(717) 865-3635