George H. Kaufman Park

jtown Park 2
The George H. Kaufman Jonestown Community park offers a number of amenities to suit just about everyone.  We have a large playground which was constructed by hundreds of volunteers.  The park also houses 3 baseball fields, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court and a long walking trail.  Along the walking trail you’ll find benches where you can take a load off and enjoy the sights and sounds.  The park also has a number of structures that can be utilized for any event.  There is a band shell, a concession stand, and a pavilion.   The pavilion can be rented for just about every occasion.  The park is also under 24 hour surveillance. Please note that the park is open from dawn to dusk.

To make a donation to the Ballfield Lights Fund in memory of Edward Spittle, please mail a check to:
Jonestown Borough
PO Box 446
Jonestown, PA 17038
Please make checks out to “Jonestown Ballfield Lights Fund”

Take a look at the park!




9 thoughts on “George H. Kaufman Park

  1. Im looking for a rental for an 80th birthday party for my mother.Does your building have heat? We are looking at having it Dec.8,2018 and having aprox.70 guest. My mother lives in New Bunker Hill which is also where I grew up and would like to have something close by.


    1. Hello, Hope, and thank you for your interest in our pavilion! Our pavilion does not have heat and even though the metal doors roll down to enclose it, I think it would still be too cold at that time of year. You could always check with The Perse, which is on King Street right down from Jonestown Elementary. There is information about them on this website under the Northern Lebanon Fire & Emergency Services tab. You could also check with Bunker Hill Fire Company. Good luck with your party and I hope your Mom has a wonderful birthday!


  2. I am interested in renting one of your pavilions for my step daughters baby shower on May 18th in the afternoon. Can you please let me know if it is available and what amenities you have, . Rental information price.Thanks and hope to hear from you soon


  3. I am interested in renting one of your pavilions for a cook out and gender reveal on May 18th in the afternoon/dinner time. I am looking for what amenities you have and rental information price.Thank you!


  4. I am writing for information on rental of your pavilion. Is Saturday, 6/15/19 available for rental? If so please provide me with costs, # persons, etc.

    I live in Annville but have been unable to find a pavilion that is available for a family gathering on 6/15/19.

    Thank You

    Vanessa Bender


  5. I’m interested in renting one of your pavilions for a Bridal Shower in August or September.
    Would you please contact me with information?
    Thank you!


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