Name the Park Contest

Jonestown Borough Council is having a contest to “Name the Park”

We’re looking for residents of the Borough to be creative and come up with an official name for our park located at
49 W Market Street, Jonestown.

Contest Rules:

-Submissions must be one-to-three-word names.

-Submissions should be distinctive from a regional standpoint and cannot infringe on any trademarks or licensed products.

-Consideration should be given, but not a requirement, to naming the park after a local geographical location or something of local historical significance.

-One entry per person.

-All entries must be submitted by 5pm on Monday, July 31th 2023.

Selection Process:

Borough council will choose the top five submissions. One of those five will be drawn from a hat to determine the winner.  Town officials will draw the winning entry at a ceremony to be held at the newly named park in September 2023.

Grand Prize:

$100 Visa gift card

Name That Park Contest Official Entry Form

The Borough of Jonestown is now accepting name submissions for the Park Area located at 49 West Market Street.  All entries must be submitted by mail, email, or in person, on an official entry form. Forms are available at Jonestown Borough office or online and must be submitted no later than 5pm on Monday, July 31th 2023.

Additional Submission Options:

Borough Office (drop off or pickup entry form) 295 S. Mill Street, Jonestown.  Monday-Friday 8am- 3pm 

Email Forms to:

George F. Kauffman Community Park: Playground

On December 30, 2021 Jonestown Borough was the recipient of a grant award in the amount of $70,000 from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program administered by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).  These funds will be used to purchase and erect new playground equipment in the

George F Kaufman Community Park in Jonestown.

Multiple phases of this project are planned as funding becomes available. Plans include relocating the existing playground equipment and update our current wooden structures with modernized play structures for the community. The new play areas will incorporate numerous play structures based upon age groups and will be located closer to more commonly used and accessible amenities, such as baseball field, pavilion & tennis courts. This relocation will also serve to improve trail conditions and accommodate ADA accessibility to play areas.

Funding sources for the $141,457 initial phase of the project include DCNR , Marcellus Shale Grant, Union Township Recreation Funds and Jonestown Borough.  At the request of the Block Party Event chair person Stacy Schott, proceeds from the annual event were to be earmarked and used for the purchase of new playground equipment.  Stacy and her team raised $15,288 over the years. Those funds were very instrumental in allowing the Borough to apply and obtain additional funding for the project. Thank you Stacy for the many years of dedication and service to the community. 

Fall 2023 is the targeted start & completion date for the initial phase of the project.

Click on the Red Highlight below to check out the playground equipment design!

Playground Design Rendering

Lebanon Valley Rails-To-Trails:

The Lebanon Valley Rails-to-Trails has been working to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor space through Lebanon County since 1996. The LVRT Trail Status Report Archive provides a record of our dedication to the health, well-being, and value that outdoor recreation provides to our community and its visitors.

Over 18+ miles of rail-trail have been completed in the southern part of Lebanon County to the City of Lebanon; north of the Lebanon Valley Mall; and a stand-alone section near Jonestown.

To gather more information please click on the link and it will take you directly to the Lebanon Valley Rails-To-Trails website.

Click Here: