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Open Fires/Burning Trash

Animals and Poultry/Chickens


Noise Ordinance

Grass and Weeds

General Parking Regulations

What is an Ordinance?

A law, statute, or regulation enacted by a Municipal Corporation.

An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government. A municipality, such as a city, town, village, or borough, is a political subdivision of a state within which a municipal corporation has been established to provide local government to a population in a defined area.

Ordinances constitute the subject matter of municipal law. The power of municipal governments to enact ordinances is derived from the state constitution or statutes or through the legislative grant of a municipal charter. The charter in large part dictates how much power elected officials have to regulate actions within the municipality. Municipalities that have been granted “home rule” charters by the legislature have the most authority to act. If, however, a municipality enacts an ordinance that exceeds its charter or is in conflict with state or federal law, the ordinance can be challenged in court and ruled void.

Many ordinances deal with maintaining public safety, health, morals, and General Welfare. For example, a municipality may enact housing ordinances that set minimum standards of habitability. Other ordinances deal with fire and safety regulations that residential, commercial, and industrial property owners must follow. Many municipalities have enacted noise ordinances, which prohibit prescribed levels of noise after certain hours of the evening.

Ordinances may also deal with public streets and sidewalks. They typically include regulations regarding parking, snow removal, and littering. Restrictions on pets, including “pooper scooper” and leash laws, are also governed by municipal ordinances.

One of the most significant areas of municipal law is Zoning. Zoning ordinances constitute a master plan for land use within the municipality. A municipality is typically divided into residential, commercial, and industrial zoning districts. Zoning attempts to conserve the value of property and to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout a particular locality.

In the past, many U.S. municipalities enacted a variety of ordinances regulating public morals and behavior. Many, such as ordinances that prohibited spitting on a public sidewalk, have been repealed or are rarely enforced.

Jonestown Borough does not have a publisher for its ordinances at this time.  You may contact the Borough office with any questions regarding ordinances.

35 thoughts on “Ordinances

  1. What is the animal ordinance for pot belly pigs on Shirksville Road, 5 homes down from the church at Route 343 and Shirksville Road?


    1. You are not located in Jonestown Borough. You would have to check with your local municipality on that question. Judging by what you have described, I would say you are in Bethel Township Lebanon County.


    1. Hi Ellen! So I can properly answer your question, can you tell me what the raffles will be for, i.e. raising funds for a school function or a private cause? Thank you!


  2. I have talked with several individuals and I apologize but I do not have a definitive answer for you. One individual asked if it was going to be a public event and if it would be held in the Borough or on borough property. He also suggested that you contact Rep. Russ Diamond’s office for clarification. I was looking online and I found some information on legalzoom.com under ‘Requirements to have a raffle in Pennsylvania’. You can also go to http://www.revenue.pa.gov for information under ‘Small Games of Chance’. From what I am reading, you would need to be some type of organization to have a raffle. I have not seen any listing of costs involved. I hope this helps. Good luck!


    1. Hi Ellen, yes I’m sure there is but I do not have exact specifics at this time. I will find out the particulars and contact you. Are you currently experiencing an isolated incident or is this an ongoing problem? If it’s an ongoing problem, you can complete and submit one of our code enforcement forms under the code enforcement page. Thank you!


      1. Unless there is another Ellen writing I personally did not ask this question. I only asked about raffles which I found out my event is not in the borough. Thanks


  3. I am enquiring about the noise ordinance. Does one exist? There have been people shooting off sparklers or fireworks in the middle of the street at very late hours on multiple days this week. Even tonight at 10:45pm!!! I fully support wanting to celebrate the 4th and doing them on the 4th. However, to do them on other nights and so late at night is just inconsiderate to people especially those that have kids or have to work really early in the morning. Thank you!


    1. Hi Ann! We do have a noise ordinance which covers the hours between 10pm to 7am, however, fireworks are not covered by our noise ordinance but under a state law especially if they are setting them off less than 150′ from a dwelling. The State Police would need to be contacted in the event this happens again. We agree that it’s nice to enjoy the holiday but we hope residents would be respectful of the hour in which they are celebrating. Thank you!


    1. Thank you for your patience! Your question falls under the Lebanon County Planning Office so I am waiting on a return phone call to give me the exact rules and/or restrictions. I will contact you again as soon as I have the information available. Thank you!


    2. My apologies for the delay. There is an ordinance that stipulates that any operations involving the use of buildings and land for animals such as poultry, shall be permitted in the district but subject to the following restriction: No building in which livestock, other than customary household pets, is kept shall be closer than one hundred fifty feet (150′) to any adjoining lot line.

      I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you!


    1. So sorry for the delay! Yes, that would be a great idea because it can be confusing as to where the borough lines end and the township lines begin. As soon as I find a copy I will let you know that it’s been posted. Thank you for the suggestion!


    1. Our book of ordinances is fairly big and would be a considerable file to place on the website. There are copies kept at the Borough Office which residents are more than welcome to look at or if you have a particular question, I’m happy to send you copies of that ordinance(s) that you are interested in. Thank you!


    1. My sincere apologies, Bob, for the very late response to your question. The monitoring of the website is in a transition period of being handled by a new individual. I do not have all of the particular information but I am told that you will need a permit and since I also live in Twin Creeks, I do know that there is a 6′ height limit. In addition, the fencing cannot be placed around the front yard but can be placed anywhere from the side of your house and back. Some residents will place their fencing a certain amount of space in from your property line and if you decide to do that, please remember that you are responsible for the upkeep of the grass that is still part of your property. Any additional questions should be directed to the Borough Office at 861-5414 for a more timely response. Thank you so much!


  4. Are pigs allowed inside residential dwelling on Awol road?

    How many animals are allowed inside a trailer w people?
    There are Large birds. Dogs ,cats and a pig inside a dwelling on Awol road.
    Ammonia smell is overwhelming inside and a child is there.


  5. What is the policy on residents throwing food scraps Out in their yard? Including but not limited to chicken in the bone, bread, cheese in the wrapper to name a few things.


  6. Are there any ordinances that address public obscenities? Specifically flags or banners containing offensive language in view of the general public including minors/children.


  7. Is there an ordinance for debris on my porch from remodeling a house I bought and I am going to remove all of it when I was finished


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