Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Committee Members – The Mayor, Roy LeFever

Code Enforcement Officer – Scott Adams, PA State Constable

The purpose of code enforcement is to work with the residents and businesses of Jonestown to preserve and maintain the livability, values and integrity of our business and residential neighborhoods. Scott responds to complaints from the public to ensure that we promote a safe, healthy and attractive community.

Reporting Violations:
The Borough understands that some residents may feel uncomfortable providing their name and phone number when reporting a possible violation. We do not offer the name of the complaining party to those who are notified of violations.

Please understand that not all conditions that the Borough receives information about are in violation of any Borough code and therefore we may not be able to resolve every situation to the satisfaction of the reporting party. We do appreciate your efforts to help us keep Jonestown a healthy and attractive place to live.

The following link contains a Word Doc of our Complaint Form.  You may download to print, email, snail mail, or personally present this form at the Jonestown Borough Office.  Take note that any complaint form filed anonymously will not be acknowledged.

Form – Code Enforcement Complaint Form



2 thoughts on “Code Enforcement

    1. Thank you for your question, however, you are located outside of Jonestown Borough so I’m not sure of what restrictions there might be. I believe you are located in East Hanover Township so you could contact your municipal building for more specifics. Thank you!


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