Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Committee Members – Mayor Quairoli, Tom Keefer, Tracey Charest

Code Enforcement Officer – Brad Douple

The purpose of code enforcement is to work with the residents and businesses of Jonestown to preserve and maintain the livability, values and integrity of our business and residential neighborhoods. Brad responds to complaints from the public to ensure that we promote a safe, healthy and attractive community.

Reporting Violations:
The Borough understands that some residents may feel uncomfortable providing their name and phone number when reporting a possible violation. We do not offer the name of the complaining party to those who are notified of violations.

Please understand that not all conditions that the Borough receives information about are in violation of any Borough code and therefore we may not be able to resolve every situation to the satisfaction of the reporting party. We do appreciate your efforts to help us keep Jonestown a healthy and attractive place to live.

The following link contains a Word Doc of our Complaint Form.  You may download to print, email, snail mail, or personally present this form at the Jonestown Borough Office.  You may also use the form below, type in the information and it will be sent to the borough office directly.  Take note that any complaint form filed anonymously will not be acknowledged.

Form – Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Code Enforcement Violation Form:

Code Enforcement Violation Form:
Jonestown Borough
295 S. Mill Street
Jonestown, PA 17038
Phone: 717-861-5414 Fax: 717-865-0154

Please complete this form. Provide as many relevant details as possible including specific address.


Confidential Preference:
Disclosure of information revealing your identity will depend on application of the public disclosure law, other applicable statutes and whether the violation is criminally prosecuted. Please select whether you desire information revealing your identity be disclosed. Failure to select will result in information being subject to disclosure.

Code Enforcement will begin their Spring Sweep Inspections starting _______________________. Time to start clearing up the fall/winter mess that was left behind. Trim those shrubs and hedges. Cut the grass and pull those weeds.
We hope that you will work with us to continue to maintain an excellent community environment!

12 thoughts on “Code Enforcement

  1. I live in Ono and was wondering what are the restrictions or requirements needed to have a pool.


    1. Thank you for your question, however, you are located outside of Jonestown Borough so I’m not sure of what restrictions there might be. I believe you are located in East Hanover Township so you could contact your municipal building for more specifics. Thank you!


  2. Neighbors dog wakes me up everyday barking. It just barks for hours. What can I do about this. Already talked to them. Keeps happening.


    1. Thank you, Bryan, for your inquiry and we’re sorry to hear that you are facing an unresolved problem. Jonestown Borough does have a noise ordinance and it does include issues pertaining to animals. If you are not in the Borough, then you would need to contact the Township building in which you are located (Swatara or Union). If you are in the Borough, we would require you to submit a formal complaint form so that we are able to address this issue directly with the resident. Your name is kept on file for our records only and is not reported to the individual in which the complaint has been addressed. This form can be found on our website under the Code Enforcement tab or you may stop by the Borough Office to complete it. Thank you!


  3. I live in the Twin Creeks Development and am potentially wanting to install a chain link fence for our dogs to have more room to roam. A neighbor one street up has a chain link in his back yard, but, I’ve been told they may not be allowed in our development. I’ve searched the internet to no avail, was wondering if they’re allowable in the development? Apologies if this isn’t the appropriate place to ask. Thank you for your time!


  4. Neighbors moved in 6 weeks ago… have had 4 plus parties since moving in 6 weeks ago….blare their subwoofer/stereo equipment….for at least six to eight hours….during daylight and night….I hear the bass pounding in our house and infant room’s….do I have a real recourse…if a dog barking for more than 10 minutes I hope I have some justification of concern…else…we may be out …..thank you


  5. I’m living in the Twincreeks development and am wondering about on street parking? There are more cars parked along the streets than there are in people’s driveways. This makes it impossible for 2 cars to drive(one in each direction) also causes people to have to stop along the road in order for one car to get through. I have cars that sit directly in front of my cars in my driveway making it hard to even leave my home at times. And worst it obscures the view of children walking in and around the parked cars in the street. Every house in this development has a 4 car driveway and I can understand the need to park on the road at times but,these cars are there every day and I think it’s incredibly unsafe for all involved.


  6. Neighbors have been parking their commercial van in front of my house for the past 10+ years, while having a two car garage, 2 car driveway, and space in front of their own house available to them; the dear mrs doesn’t like to spoil “her” view. I’m throughly disgusted, and speaking with them has had no effect. Are there no restrictions for parking commercial vehicles in the borough? If not, what are my options.


    1. Hello Jessica, your address off of Awol Road is not located in Jonestown Borough. You may want to call Union Township @ 717-865-4039.


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