Jonestown prides itself in the preservation of the small town vibe.  We have numerous small businesses as well as the Jonestown Bank and Trust in our square.  Along with our small businesses we have 4 churches and the Perseverance Fire Co.  And don’t forget about our park!


Creative Crosswalks Contest

Jonestown Borough is seeking the community’s creative talents.  The goal is to bring a little beautification to the Square.  Entries will be accepted at a date to be disclosed soon.  But now’s the time to start getting those creative juices flowing and your ideas together!  Take a look at some of the images below to get some ideas on what can be done.

Mural Project

Jonestown Borough wants to know what you think about the construction of a mural on one of the buildings in the borough.  Tell us your thoughts or opinions.  Send us some of your ideas.  It can be anything from the history of the borough to the fireworks.

Square Beautification

Tell us what you think would be great improvements to the square.  Things like benches, planters, trees.  You may submit drawings or ideas and opinions.  We want to hear what you have to say.

 Emergency Email Contact

The Borough would like to invite you to provide your email address for the purpose of being contacted during emergencies like snow as well as projects that may affect you like crack sealing and paving.  We want to keep you informed to provide the best service we can while inconveniencing you the least possible.  Just send us an email stating your interest and we will gladly add you to the list.


Jonestown Borough is always looking for a helping hand in the events we have.  Keeping these events growing and successful isn’t a one person show.  It takes a lot of dedication and time to do what it takes to keep these events successful.  If you are interested in getting involved we would greatly appreciate your volunteerism and support.  Just email the borough your interest and contact information and we will be sure to contact you on an as needed basis.




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